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Dec 31, 2010

Setting Up Finish Line At The Sky

~Life is a journey. Heading towards the right finish line (as long as we're on the right track).~

Today is my second day I spend my evening at the stadium - jogging. InsyaAllah, I'll make it a routine from now onwards.

The Short Distance-Finish Line

While I was on the track, I remembered when I entered the running track events at school. Whenever I felt that I could not achieve to be the first one who reached the finish line or I felt that there were competitors in front of me that I couldn't beat, I would voluntarily withdraw myself from the track before I reached half of the field to  the finish line.

I found myself why I did that, because I don't want to lose things that I have high hopes for. I'm afraid of losing it whenever I really want it to be mine. It is my fear and my weakness. And I know I should overcome it.

The Untimed Finish Line

Today, back again at the track, I was running while looking at the sky up so high. There's no finish line that I can see. I just see the endless sky. So high up there. And I hope I can keep running until I reach the beautiful sky, passing through clouds, flying at the same track with birds and watching the sun until it sets down. Until I meet Him, my God and my Creator; and that is where my finish line ends.

Even though at that time, people were passing by beside me, I didn't feel threatened or weak. Because when the 'sky up high' is my finish line, everyone is the winner. As long as they get the highest blessing from Him, everyone is the winner. Everyone will be awarded by the eternal happiness ever that have not yet been seen here on Earth.

In this 'untimed' track, everyone is running on the track towards the 'unknown' limited time given to finish their  journey.

Setting Up The Finish Line At The Sky

I hope I can keep running and running until I meet Him. Being on the right track. Even though, at times I feel scared of losing things that temporarily borrowed by Him to me, or stumble down at any passage on this journey, but this life should go on.

The steps on this track should move forward.

Setting up the finish line at the sky is a challenge for me. But it's a relieve. Seeing the sky as your finish line, as if it welcomes you every time you see it. Whenever in sunny days, the sun bring the lights. Whenever in rainy days, the clouds shower down on you. Whenever in starry night, the moon and stars amaze you.

The finish line will never stress you out. Thinking of Him awaits you; in front of the finish line that you sets up high at the sky!

"It is He who made the sun to be a shining glory and the moon to be a light (of beauty); and measured out stages for her; that ye might know the number of years and the count (of time). Nowise did Allah create this but in truth and righteousness. (Thus) doth he explain His Signs in detail, for those who understand."
(Yunus; 10:6)

~He made the sky so wonderful for us. There's no other finish line can beat its beauty on Earth. See it through the heart and think~



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