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"Perbaikilah dirimu di samping kamu mengajak orang lain kepada kebaikan." -Hassan Al-Banna-

Oct 7, 2010

I really wish...

~Only to Him I keep my highest hope and faith~

I hate myself
When I ask myself to walk
But my legs are trembling to do so

I hate myself
When I want to see the bright blue sky
But I'm afraid of looking up

I hate myself
When I really love to see the stars and the moon shine
But I'm afraid that the dark cloud will cover them soon

I really wish
I could have the courage
To be able to walk through the path
To be able to look to the beautiful side of the world

I pray to Him
That I could come out from this cave
And start the journey once again...

~May He bless our journey of life...~



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