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Sep 10, 2009

How to Avoid Arguments: For Women

By John Gray

-The most common way women unknowingly starts arguments is not being direct to share their feelings.-

Just as women need validation, men need approval. The more a man loves a woman the more he needs for approval. It is always there in the beginning of a relationship. Either she gives him the message that she approves him or he feels confident that he can win her approval. In either case the approval present.

Even if a woman has been wounded by the other men or her father, she will still give her approval in the beginning of a relationship. She may feel " He is a special man, not like others I have known."

A woman withdrawing that approval is particularly painful to a man. Women are generally oblivious of how they pull it away, they feel very justified in doing so. A reason for this insensitivity is that women really are unaware of how significant approval is for men.

Adapted from: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

~It is unique when two different people from different planet met~



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